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It's easy to be confused by the complex jargon and voluminous statutes used within the field of law, but a trained lawyer in Taos, NM, can help clarify things for you. Whether you're preparing for major litigation or simply have a few legal questions you want answers to, Lee Boothby, New Mexico Legal Center can give you a hand.

I can explain the relevant legal codes and your possible legal strategies so that you have the information you need to proceed with confidence. Although some people elect to act as their own legal counsel, when you work with me, you'll receive the services of a professional attorney who can act as your local representative.

You'll probably be happy with my flexible appointment availability, allowing you to discuss your case with me at a convenient hour.

My practice areas include:

    •    Business Law
    •    Civil Law
    •    Construction Law
    •    Foreclosure Law
    •    Litigaton Law
    •    Real Estate Law

You can benefit from personalized attention and 24/7 emergency services by enlisting Lee Boothby, New Mexico Legal Center. I'm a lawyer who serves clients throughout Taos. Speak with me about the legal services you require by contacting me today.