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If you'd rather not have to deal with legal matters pertaining to your business in Taos, NM, then allow a qualified business attorney handle to them for you. Here at Lee Boothby, New Mexico Legal Center, I'll work hard to keep legal problems from threatening your profits.

Comprehensive Business Law Services

From the wording of contracts to tricky negotiations, there are plenty of aspects of corporate legality that I can assist you with. I pay careful personal attention to the needs of my clients because I realize that no two businesses are exactly alike. Not only will I deal with legal troubles as they arise, but I'll also help you take precautionary measures to forestall legal woes before they even develop. If you need to go to court for any reason, I'm prepared to serve locally as your legal representative.

Take advantage of the flexible hours offered by Lee Boothby, New Mexico Legal Center by calling and arranging an appointment today. I'm a business attorney who serves clients in the Taos area.